2012 Winners

Congratulations to all participants in the 2012 Championships. The winners of the 2012 events were:

Level Men’s Singles: T Kisiel
Level Ladies Singles: K Pollard
Level Men’s Doubles: J Cloke / S Preston
Level Ladies Doubles: J Fox / S Turner
Level Mixed Doubles: S Sharp / K Pollard

Level 35 Men’s Singles: D Ireland
Level 35 Ladies Singles: S Fox
Level 35 Men’s Doubles: I Thomas R Wayman
Level 35 Mixed Doubles: P Pollard / K Pollard

Level Vets Men’s Singles: I Thomas
Level Vets Men’s Doubles: G Wayman / R Wayman
Level Vets Ladies Doubles: L Fairbrother / A Randall
Level Vets Mixed Doubles: L Stewart-Hillard / S Fox
Level 60+ Men’s Doubles: C Barker / C Smith

Handicap Vets Men’s Doubles: D Cooper / M Lapworth
Handicap Vets Ladies Doubles: W Barnes / J Parsons

Handicap A Men’s Singles: E Jessop
Handicap B Men’s Singles: G Singh
Handicap A Ladies Singles: S Foster
Handicap A Men’s Doubles: J Kavanagh / J Siddon
Handicap B Men’s Doubles: J Belmonte / A Carpenter
Handicap A Ladies Doubles: S Cottam / S Foster
Handicap B Ladies Doubles: W Barnes / J Parsons
Handicap A Mixed Doubles: P Barnes / W Barnes
Handicap B Mixed Doubles: D Smith / A Bennett

Handicap Plate Men’s Doubles: J Cook / M Lapworth
Handicap Plate Ladies Doubles: L Cross / L Morris
Handicap Plate Mixed Doubles: N Butler / A Wilkinson