2015 Winners

2015 Winners

Following the final weekend, played in glorious weather, we congratulate all finalists on their achievements. Our thanks for the whole 9 days go to the players who entertained us all week with great matches at all levels – the winners are shown below.

Many thanks to all players and supporters and we hope to see you all in 2016 for another 9 days of highly entertaining and exciting tennis.

We are being regularly praised for the success of the Championships, now acknowledged as the best county championships in the country. Quite an accolade to us all.

Thank you once again.

Martin Nicholson.

Level Men’s Singles: T Kisiel
Level Ladies Singles: K Pollard
Level Men’s Doubles: S Preston / J Cloke
Level Ladies Doubles: T Bullock / L Easters
Level Mixed Doubles: A Popowicz / L Easters

Level 35 Men’s Singles: D Ireland
Level 35 Ladies Singles: E Poulton
Level 35 Men’s Doubles: C Harwood / D Ireland
Level 35 Mixed Doubles: P Pollard / K Pollard

Level Vets Men’s Singles: M Gillam
Level Vets Men’s Doubles: G Van Der Byl / J Yates
Level Vets Ladies Doubles: L Mansell / S Turner
Level Vets Mixed Doubles: L Stewart-Hillard / A Ison
Level 60+ Men’s Doubles: C Ayling / R Tutt

Handicap Vets Men’s Doubles: P Heighton-Towers / M Minski
Handicap Vets Ladies Doubles: J Lucas / D Zarins

Handicap A Men’s Singles: P Marsh
Handicap B Men’s Singles: M Bailey
Handicap A Ladies Singles: S Foster
Handicap A Men’s Doubles: M Hainsworth / P Marsh
Handicap B Men’s Doubles: P Heighton-Towers / M Minski
Handicap A Ladies Doubles: J Field / S Foster
Handicap A Mixed Doubles: A Carlick / E Carlick
Handicap B Mixed Doubles: R Pollard / S Pollard

Handicap Plate Men’s Doubles: A Bayford / G Witcombe
Handicap Plate Ladies Doubles: J Lucas / J Stephenson
Handicap Plate Mixed Doubles: R Sarang / A Evatt