2019 Tournament Winners

To all competitors and spectators

WOW what a week!

Thank you to everyone who made the week such a great success.

With 429 matches scheduled in 44 events the week was extremely busy.

We started the week in dreadful conditions with continual rain. Competitors, you were amazing. Thank you for playing in such awful conditions.

The week ended with some spectacular tennis from the young to the not so young!

Congratulations to all the winners and finalists, and thank you to everyone for supporting the event

We look forward to seeing you all next year

2019 Festival Dates
Sat 27 July – Sun 4 Aug

Level Men's Singles: A Solonenko
Level Ladies Singles: E Pollard
Level Men's Doubles: J Cloke / A Solonenko
Level Ladies Doubles: V Kettle / R Scrivins
Level Mixed Doubles: M Howse / K Wood

Level 35 Men's Singles:A Popowicz
Level 35 Ladies Singles: A Ison
Level 35 Men's Doubles: M Oldman / A Popowicz
Level 35 Mixed Doubles: P Pollard / K Pollard
Level 45 Men's Singles: D Ireland
Level 45 Men's Doubles: D Ireland / I Thomas
Level 40 Ladies Doubles: S Fox / A Ison
Level 45 Mixed Doubles: I Thomas / J Gadsby
Level 50 Ladies Singles: A Ison
Level 55 Men's Singles: S Brett
Level 60+ Men's Doubles: C Ayling / R Tutt

Ladies Level Singles Plate: M Smith
Mens Level Singles Plate: J Pickering
Ladies Doubles Plate: L Elson / E Pollard
Mens Doubles Plate: O Marriott-Clarke / B Moore
Mixed Doubles Plate: O Burt / O Redman

35 Mens Singles Plate: M Page
35 Mixed Doubles Plate: D O'Sullivan / E Poulton
45 Mixed Doubles Plate: T Davies / S Yarnall
50 Ladies Singles Plate: R Perkins
55 Men's Singles Plate: M Durrant

Handicap Vets Men's Doubles: S Armstrong / P Jessop
Handicap Vets Ladies Doubles: Y Mataria-Jenkins / F Phythian
Handicap A Men's Singles: M Corby
Handicap B Men's Singles: M O'Sullivan
Handicap A Ladies Singles: G Dryden
Handicap A Men's Doubles: J Kotecha / C Yousuf
Handicap B Men's Doubles: D De Focatiis / M Dearden
Handicap Ladies Doubles: K Angerer / E Taylor
Handicap A Mixed Doubles: M Corby / S Corby
Handicap B Mixed Doubles: M Greaves / G Burbela

Handicap Vets Men's Doubles Plate: R Blockley / M Dearden
Handicap Vets Ladies Doubles Plate: E Ford / A Lane
Handicap Plate Men's Singles: A Mistri
Handicap Plate Ladies Singles: H Mistri
Handicap Plate Men's Doubles: A Mistri / R Sarang
Handicap Plate Ladies Doubles: S Pollard / J Simpkin
Handicap Plate Mixed Doubles: M Burch / J Burch

2019 Festival Dates
Sat 27 July – Sun 4 Aug