2021 Tournament Winners

To all competitors

The committee would like to thank everyone who played in the Leicester Tennis Festival. We hope you enjoyed your tennis and enjoyed watching others’ play. Congratulations to all the winners.

Dates for 2022

Saturday 23rd July – Sunday 1st August.

2019 Festival Dates
Sat 27 July – Sun 4 Aug

Level Men's Singles: M Howse
Level Ladies Singles: A Chesca
Level Men's Doubles: O Burt / M Howse
Level Ladies Doubles: C Griffin / E Rodbourne
Level Mixed Doubles: S Preston / R Scrivins

Level 35 Men's Singles:A Popowicz
Level 35 Men's Doubles: J Cloke / S Preston
Level 35 Mixed Doubles: P Pollard / K Pollard
Level 45 Men's Singles: G Armstrong
Level 45 Men's Doubles: S Brett / C Harwood
Level 40 Ladies Doubles: S Fox / A Ison
Level 45 Mixed Doubles: I Thomas / J Gadsby
Level 50 Ladies Singles: A Ison
Level 55 Men's Singles: S Brett
Level 55+ Men's Doubles: T Davies / S Stroud
Level 65+ Men's Doubles: A Jarvis / R Tutt

Ladies Level Singles Plate: M Nevill
Mens Level Singles Plate: D Sanghera
Ladies Doubles Plate: R Astill / E Shaw
Mens Doubles Plate: J Butterworth / J Passant
Mixed Doubles Plate: G Armstrong / E Armstrong

Vets Men's Singles Plate: A Glover
Vets Men's Doubles Plate: D Ford / I McCarthy

Handicap Men's Singles: J Belmonte
Handicap Ladies Singles: G Dryden
Handicap Men's Doubles: J Belmonte / A Carpenter
Handicap Ladies Doubles: L Batchelor / G Dryden
Handicap Mixed Doubles: D Perry / Ely Armstrong

Handicap Plate Men's Singles: B Tolley
Handicap Plate Ladies Singles: A Badiani
Handicap Plate Men's Doubles: A Mistri / R Sarang
Handicap Plate Ladies Doubles: H Pugsley / Y Reece
Handicap Plate Mixed Doubles: A Mistri / J Mistri

2019 Festival Dates
Sat 27 July – Sun 4 Aug