A Tribute to Martin Nicholson

Martin Nicholson

Martin NicholsonMartin has served our committee for almost 40 years and has been its Chair for as long as most of the members of the current committee have been concerned. He has served County Tennis for much longer.

We all have our personal memories of Martin, all good. I picture him, arms folded, shoulders shaking as we shared amusing anecdotes about players or events that happened during the Championships.

He was passionate about everything tennis. He was proud of the tournament and keen to ensure it kept developing to maintain its national status – hence our annual reviews and planning meetings.

Martin was a people person. He hated conflicts but tried to resolve it in the best way possible – a quiet well-thought out word in a non-confrontational way; he unfailingly got the best outcomes for the players and the tournament. The players liked and respected him – and he them. He loved being around them and encouraged and supported the County Mens’ and Womens’ teams all his life.

He spent much of his last ‘well’ week at the Junior Championships. Curious to know who was who and which clubs they played for. He arrived early to watch the finals on the Saturday and was impressed at the standard and for the future of County Tennis in Leicestershire. It was later in the afternoon when the last final was on court that he went to ask the tournament committee for details of the chair umpire who he thought had been outstanding – he wanted his details so he might get him for our finals. It was during this discussion that he had his stroke.

I hope that we are able to honour his memory and lifelong contribution through the work we do in trying to have the best County Championships – one that values all the competitors and keeps on developing to maintain and increase its ability to encourage more players to enter and enjoy the experience. To keep us asking Martin’s questions. ‘Have we got it right?’; “Is there anything else we can do?”.

Angela Wortley
November 16th 2017