Handicap Changes 2014

Handicap Entrants

Over the winter the Tournament Committee reviewed the way in which we handicapped players. We felt that the system we used left us little scope to give novice players a sufficient ‘handicap’ to meet the basic principle of all handicap events that either player or pair could win each match assuming everyone on the court played their best tennis.

Players may be surprised when they see their 2014 handicap. Why? Because the review has moved the majority of league players into the ‘owed’ category. Relative to players of a similar standard their handicaps will have remained comparable – so the net difference will be pretty much the same.

The changes are likely to make matches longer because of starting more matches with ‘owed’ odds but the intention of the changes is that matches will be fairer.

How are handicaps set? The committee uses as much information as is available for each player. Setting handicaps is not straightforward and our intention is to ensure that players are ranked according to their ability so that their tournament experience is challenging but enjoyable.

The playing of the handicap events has not been changed at all. For those new to the system the tournament desk will explain how it works before you go on court.

Technology Limitations

Because of technology limitations the display of the handicap stops at Owe 50.0 on thedraws you can view online. There are a few players / pairs whose handicap exceeds that. They have been identified with a handicap of Owe 40.5 (there are no players / pairs with this handicap in reality).Note that all Owe 50.0 handicaps are real!

The handicap match slips will be correctly marked up.

The players affected are:

Event 16 40 Handicap Women Doubles

A. Bewick & I. Irvine – Owe 50.3
A. Halford & H. Culleton – Owe 50.3

Event 17 Handicap A Mens Singles

J. Yates – Owe 50.3
C.Poli – Owe 50.3

Event 19 Handicap A Womens Singles

C. Moran – Owe 50.3
R. Perkins – Owe 60.0

Event 21 Handicap A Mens Doubles

M. Minski & N. Bruce – Owe 50.3
B. Newby & C. Marsh – Owe 50.3

Event 23 Handicap A Womens Doubles

A. Halford & H. Culleton – Owe 50.3
A. Wright & K. Stock – Owe 50.3