Safeguarding Plan

Lead for safeguarding at The LeicesterSHIRE Tennis Festival

Jane Gadsby

Accountable Person:Jane Gadsby
Risk Tracker:
Date Approved: 25/04/2022
Venue/Location:Leicestershire Tennis and Squash Club and other venues as specified by the committee
Event/Activity:Leicestershire Tennis Festival incorporating the County Championships

Responsibilities include:
  • being responsible for safeguarding participants and other young people at the event
  • developing, promoting and implementing the event safeguarding plan
  • undertaking a pre-event risk assessment, including site facilities
  • receiving, responding to and managing any safeguarding issues that arise at or following the event
  • reporting any concerns to the relevant authorities and LTA Safeguarding team
  • ensuring that all event staff and volunteers understand their safeguarding responsibilities and know how to respond if concerns or allegations arise at the event
  • providing pre-event safeguarding training/briefings for staff and volunteers
  • ensuring that all parental registration, consents and medical information have been received before the event
  • if relevant, ensuring an appropriate event level of security at the venue to prevent both unauthorised persons gaining access and participants going missing
  • ensure that all participants, staff and volunteers have signed up to the relevant codes of conduct and principles of participation (linked to the appropriate complaints/disciplinary procedure)
  • having contact numbers for local statutory services (including medical, social care and police numbers – these can be found on your local authority/police website), LTA Safeguarding Team, and for the local authority designated officer (LADO) in England
Other members of the committee and volunteers

should have:

  • completed as a minimum the LTA online safeguarding training
  • understood their safeguarding responsibilities and what to do in the event of a safeguarding concern arising
  • familiarised themselves with the event safeguarding plan and appropriate lines of communication
  • read and signed up to the relevant event code of conduct
  • completed a satisfactory criminal records check (where needed)

All competitors must adhere to the Event Code of Conduct. The referee and Committee will monitor and address any breaking of the Code of Conduct by competitors or others attending the event.

Children under 18 must be accompanied by a parent or their agreed responsible adult when travelling to a venue outside the Leicestershire Tennis and Squash Club. Where this is not possible, a member of the committee must accompany the child. There should be at least 2 adults, one being a committee member, if the parent is not accompanying the child. Wherever possible children under 18 will compete at the main venue ( Leicestershire Tennis and Squash Club).

All competitors and spectators will be encouraged to be vigilant and report any concerns they may have, safeguarding or otherwise, to the Safeguarding Lead or the referee. If unavailable, concerns should be reported to any member of the committee. Concerns should be recorded on the Reporting a Concern form. This includes reports of concern against those organising the event or adults working/volunteering at any of the venues.

Parents of competitors under the age of 18 should complete the Social Media Statement.

Codes of Conduct

All members of the committee, staff and other volunteers agree to:
  • Prioritise the well-being of all children and adults at risk at all times
  • Treat all children and adults at risk fairly and with respect
  • Be a positive role model. Act with integrity, even when no one is looking
  • Help to create a safe and inclusive environment both on and off court
  • Not allow any rough or dangerous behaviour, bullying or the use of bad or inappropriate language
  • Report all allegations of abuse or poor practice to the Lead Safeguarding Officer ( Jane Gadsby)
  • Not use any sanctions that humiliate or harm a child or adult at risk
  • Value and celebrate diversity and make all reasonable efforts to meet individual needs
  • Keep clear boundaries between professional and personal life, including on social media
  • Have the relevant consent from parents/carers, children and adults before taking or using photos and videos
  • Refrain from making physical contact with children or adults unless it is necessary as part of an emergency or congratulatory (e.g. handshake / high five)
  • Ensure roles and responsibilities are clearly outlined and everyone has the required information and training
  • Avoid being alone with a child or adult at risk unless there are exceptional circumstances
  • Refrain from transporting children or adults at risk, unless there is another adult in the vehicle
  • Not abuse, neglect, harm or discriminate against anyone; or act in a way that may be interpreted as such
  • Not have a relationship with anyone under 18 for whom they are coaching or responsible for
All players including children and vulnerable adults agree to:
  • Be friendly, supportive and welcoming to other children and adults
  • Play fairly and honestly
  • Respect club staff, volunteers and Officials and accept their decisions
  • Behave, respect and listen to those with responsibility for the tournament or club.
  • Take care of your equipment and club property
  • Respect the rights, dignity and worth of all participants regardless of age, gender, ability, race, culture, religion or sexual identity
  • Not use bad, inappropriate or racist language, including on social media
  • Not bully, intimidate or harass anyone, including on social media
  • Not smoke, drink alcohol or take drugs of any kind whilst competing on court.
  • Talk to the club Welfare Officer about any concerns or worries they have about themselves or others

All members of the Festival organising committee will wear photographic identification.

Risk Assessment:
HazardWho is at risk and howLevel of riskSeverity of impactControl measuresResidue risk
Adult or junior competitors who are intent on harming children or vulnerable adultsChildren and vulnerable adults. The adult or child is alone with the child or vulnerable adult at a venue.
LowHighThe committee will vet entries for any past incidents which may impact on the safety of children and other competitors. If there are any serious or relevant concerns, a competitor’s entry will not be accepted and spectators will not be allowed onto sites.
Children and vulnerable adults when travelling to an outside venueLowHighParent or (nominated adult by parent) must accompany child OR member of the committee MUST accompany the child and opponent.
Where possible matches involving children and vulnerable adults will be played at the main venue (Leicestershire Tennis and Squash Club).

A member of the committee or an appropriate co-opted adult will remain on site at the outside venue throughout the match and until the competitors return to the main venue.
Adult or junior competitors who may harm other adults or juniors on or off court at the range of venues. Children and adultsLowHighJuniors to play at Leicestershire Tennis and Squash Club unless accompanied by their parent or other nominated adult ( agreed with parent) to an outside venue . Otherwise a committee member must accompany the junior player and their opponent to other venues.
Any junior or adult player identified as a safeguarding issue will be closely monitored by committee members and if necessary, appropriate action taken by safeguarding officer and referee.
Mis-match of age/standardsChildren and vulnerable adults… standard of opponents is such that they could be physically injured by speed of ball and power of opponents.MediumHighEntries are vetted; age and standards considered and discussed. Competitors are contacted if it is felt their entry may put them at risk. Low
Changing rooms are for all competitorsChildren and vulnerable adultsLowHighSigns in changing rooms advise competitors on good practice: ensure children are accompanied by parent or nominated carer. Other adults ensure another adult is present if a child is changing/showering unaccompanied. Low


Staff or volunteers must have the confidence to come forward to speak or act if they are unhappy with anything concerning dangerous or illegal behaviour, wrongdoing by staff or volunteers, inappropriate behaviour or attitude towards a child or vulnerable adult, health and safety risks, fraud or potential covering up for another person.

Reporting a Concern Form

For recording concerns about a child or adult that involve physical/sexual/emotional/financial abuse, bullying, neglect or discrimination. If someone is in immediate danger, call the police on 999.

Please download the form from the LTA Website and complete the form (electronically or print and use black ink) within 24 hours and send to the Safe and Inclusive Tennis Team within 48 hours of the concern.

LTA page to complete the form online is

Form version as at 25/04/2022 can be downloaded direct from this website and submitted to [email protected].

Appendix regarding photography and filming


Sharing photographs and images of children on social media or other online platforms carries potential risks.

For example:

  • children may become vulnerable to grooming if a photograph is shared alongside information that makes them identifiable. This includes: personal details; a tag with location information; visual details such as a school/club uniform
  • inappropriate images of children may be shared online
  • images may be copied, downloaded, screenshotted or shared by anyone
  • images of children may be adapted and used inappropriately
  • photos or videos may appear in internet search results
  • depending on the terms and conditions of using an online platform, the image may be owned by the platform once it’s been posted. Platforms may then license images for use by third parties – such as for commercial purposes
  • each photo or video, and any comments on them, become a part of a child’s public image.


  • always asking for written consent from a child and their parents or carers before taking and using a child’s image
  • if consent is withdrawn, taking reasonable steps to remove the photos of the child from public view. It may not be possible to delete or destroy all images that have been disseminated online (such as via social media) or in hard copy.
  • only using first names of children, unless: it’s considered necessary – such as
    • for elite /high profile child players
    • it’s in the child’s best interests of the child and parent have consented (and been informed how, where, in what context an image might be used, e.g. public website, or through social media, and are aware of potential risks)
  • never publishing personal information about children
  • making sure children, their parents and carers understand how images will be securely stored and for how long (including how we will control access to the images and their associated information)
  • reducing the risk of images being copied and used inappropriately by:
    • only using images of children in appropriate clothing and
    • avoid images and camera angles that may be more prone to misinterpretation or misuse
    • using images that positively reflect children’s involvement in the activity
  • using business devices unless not practical / possible to do so. It is important that where personal devices are to be used, this is justifiable and not simply because that is the way it has always been done
  • reasonable spot checks will take place on personal devices to monitor compliance
  • expectations are clearly set around consent and the use of any personal devices among staff, volunteers and young players


Employ photographers from a known company and request ID and safeguarding information from the employers.

  • provide the photographer with a clear brief about appropriate content and behaviour
  • ensure the photographer wears identification at all times
  • inform children and parents/carers that a photographer will be at the event and ensure they give written consent to images
  • inform the photographer about how to identify – and avoid taking images of children without the required parental consent
  • clarify areas where all photography is prohibited (i.e. toilets, changing areas, first aid areas)
  • not allow the photographer to have unsupervised access to children
  • not allow the photographer to carry out sessions outside the event or at a child’s home
  • report any concerns regarding inappropriate or intrusive photography.


If people such as local journalists or professional photographers (not hired by the Leicestershire Tennis Festival) wish to operate an event and share the images professionally or in the wider world, proper permission must be given for this in advance and the following obtained:

  • the name and address of the person using the camera
  • the names of children they wish to take images of (if possible)
  • the reason for taking the images and/or what the images will be used for
  • a signed declaration that the information provided is valid and that the images will only be used for the reasons given.

Details must be verified before a decision is made whether to grant permission for the photographs/films to be taken. They should also seek consent from the children who are the intended subjects of the images and their parents and inform the photographer of anyone who does not give consent. The Festival committee must inform children, parents/carers that an external photographer is present and ensure they are easily identifiable


Any unknown person (persons taking photographs or filming children should expect to be challenged by committee members if they are unknown to the Festival committee members ) taking photography or filming without permission, may be asked to leave (depending on the nature of the concerns) following our safeguarding procedures. Where inappropriate images/films are being taken that raise a safeguarding concern, this should be reported to the Festival Welfare Officer (Jane Gadsby) and LTA Safeguarding Team. It may also be necessary to report this to the police.

Social Media Statement

The Leicestershire Tennis Festival Committee recognises the importance of social media for children and young people’s development. However, we recognise that relevant safeguards need to be put in place during any competition to help keep children and young people safe whilst online or using social media.

We therefore ask that all parents/carers read through and discuss this statement with their child and then sign and return this form to Jane Gadsby, Safeguarding Officer, before your child plays in the tournament.

  • I will be responsible for my behaviour when using the internet and social media, including the content I access and how I conduct myself.
  • I will not deliberately create, browse or access material that could be considered offensive or illegal. If I accidentally come across any such material, I will report this to Jane Gadsby, Safeguarding Officer or any of the members of the committee who will pass on the information.
  • I will not use social media or the internet to send anyone material that could be considered threatening, offensive, upsetting, bullying or illegal.
  • I understand that all my use of internet and social media is potentially visible to everyone in the online world and that any issues involving my behaviour may be addressed by the tournament committee.
  • I will not give out any of my personal information such as name, age, address or telephone number online.
  • I will not share my passwords with anyone else.
  • I will not arrange to meet someone that I have met online.
  • I understand that these rules are designed to keep me safe and if they are not followed my parents/carers may be contacted.
  • I will avoid using my mobile or smartphone during activities as I understand that it will have an impact on my safety and my opportunity to learn and achieve.
  • I am aware that if I am experiencing bullying behaviour or abuse online, I can contact Jane Gadsby, Safeguarding Officer or any member of the committee.
  • I know I can also contact Childline on 0800 11 11 if I have any worries about something I’ve seen or experienced online.

We have discussed this statement and ……………………………………...(insert child’s name) agrees to support the safe use of the internet and social media at the Leicestershire Tennis Festival.


Parent/carer name:

Parent/carer signature:


Child’s name:

Child’s signature:


Form version as at 25/04/2022 can be downloaded here

Photographic and filming consent (Please delete as relevant) Please see further information in the appendix below.

I consent/do not consent to the filming or photography of my child for use by the Leicestershire County Tennis Festival and the wider Leicestershire County Tennis Association.

I consent/do not consent to the wider use of the images of my child.

I understand that the images will be retained according to GDPR policy. Images will be stored in encrypted files. Hard copies will be stored in locked drawers. Copies will be kept for historical purposes and marketing of the Leicestershire County Tennis Festival and not for personal use (marketing purposes for example). Names and personal details of my child will not be published with the images unless specific agreement obtained in exceptional circumstances (For example; the winner of an event).

We have discussed this statement and have deleted as relevant.

Parent/carer name:

Parent/carer signature:


Child’s name:

Child’s signature:


Form version as at 25/04/2022 can be downloaded here

Consent and Emergency Contact Form

Please complete and submit to the committee the following Consent and Emergency Contact Form for each child.

Form version as at 25/04/2022 can be downloaded here

Leicestershire Tennis & Squash Club Risk Assessment Documents

Please read the following documents provided by the Leicestershire Tennis & Squash Club, as the main venue for the event.

Quick Points - again!

Go to LTA Page for Reporting a Concern form

Read the British Tennis Safeguarding Policy

Download and print Social Media Statement for young people

Download and print Photo / Filming Consent for young people

Remember If someone is in immediate danger, call the police on 999