1. Entrants for all events (with the exception of Novice Events) must possess a BTM number

2. Competitors for Level Events must possess County qualification (reference LTA Rule 36)
A player is qualified to play in the County Closed Championships if:
(i) his/her place of birth or permanent residence at date of birth is in such area OR
(ii) his/her place of permanent residence has, for at least one year immediately preceding the competition, been in such area OR
(iii) at any time his/her place of residence has for a period of five consecutive years been in such area
A County boundary is defined as that which applies for the purposes of local government (not necessarily as defined by postcode)

3. The Committee reserves the right to limit the number of events a competitor may enter and to decline any entry without assigning any reason. Entries for Handicap events may be limited on a ‘first come first served’ basis to a maximum of 64 per event. Entries from competitors who have represented the county at County Week may not be accepted in Handicap events.

4. All matches shall be scheduled on whichever surface The Committee decide. Matches are the best-of-three sets, decided as follows:
a) Level events (no.s 1 to 5)  – Mens & Ladies Singles, Mens & Ladies Doubles, Mixed Doubles – The tie-break shall operate at 6 – 6 in all sets including the third or final set.
b) All other Level events – Two tie-break sets (at 6-6) followed by a match tie-break third set.  
c) Handicap events – Best-of-three sets unless otherwise declared by a representative of the Tournament Committee, in advance of the match.

5. The draw will take place at Leicestershire Tennis and Squash Club on Wednesday 13th July, circumstances allowing, commencing at 6.15 pm approx.

6. Orders of Play for Saturday 23rd & Sunday 24th July will be published online and on display at the Leicestershire T S C on or before Wednesday 20th July. Play will commence at 10.00 am on first week-end and at 5.30 pm on weekdays. On Finals’ week-end, play will commence at times determined by the Tournament Committee. Circumstances may determine whether matches are played on, or completed on, courts at other nominated clubs or grounds and, if necessary, under floodlights and/or on indoor courts.

7. Any Competitor who is absent when required to play, is liable to be ‘scratched’ from that event. Leave of Absence may only be granted (in special circumstances) when a request has been indicated on the entry form or made in advance of the draw. There is no absence granted for Finals’ weekend. A fee may be charged for late requests which alter scheduling.

8. All Competitors must report to the ‘desk’ immediately on arrival at Leicestershire TSC (not less than fifteen minutes prior to their scheduled match time) and should ascertain time of next match before leaving the grounds. If inclement weather prevails at any time during the Championships, competitors should contact the ‘desk’ to determine whether or not play is possible.

9. Each Competitor must submit a separate Entry Form and must pay the correct fee as directed prior to admission to the tournament.

10. All competitors, without exception, are advised to restrict their entries to four events, reducing to three events if requesting ‘Leave of Absence’ for any period between Saturday 24th July to Monday 26th July inclusive. Both individual competitors and partners within doubles’ pairings may not apply to have consecutive days without a match.

  • 4 or more events – No absence.
  • 3 events – Half Sat or Sun or 1 evening absence
  • 2 events – Sat or Sun or 2 evening absence
  • 1 event – Full weekend or 3 evening absence.

11. Clothing – all Competitors should adhere to the ruling regarding recognised Tennis attire.

12. Health – Competitors must ensure they are well enough to play. All entrants must abide by the LTA COVID guidelines sent to players and posted on the website.

13. Weekday order of play is available online on the morning of play.

14. As a courtesy to Leicestershire TSC and other clubs which kindly provide courts for the Championship’s use we request that the rules of the clubs be adhered to. It has been requested to point out that “only alcohol purchased on the clubs’ premises is allowed.”

15. The tournament committee would like to remind all players of the following LTA competition rule 5.9

The Chair Umpire will:

(a) be the final on-court authority for all questions of fact arising during a match, including making any line or net calls where no line and/or net umpire is assigned (the Chair Umpire’s decision on questions of fact will be final and binding on all parties and no one will have the right to appeal against or otherwise challenge that decision);
(b) make the first determination on all questions of interpretation of the Rules of Tennis arising during a match, subject to the right of the Chair Umpire to refer the matter to the Referee and the right of a Player to appeal the Chair Umpire’s determination to the Referee in accordance with paragraph 5.6, above;
(c) delegate duties to line and net umpires (where assigned) and remove, rotate or replace any line and/or net umpires where the Chair Umpire decides it is necessary to improve the officiating of a match. A Chair Umpire may overrule a line and/or net umpire’s decision only where the Chair Umpire is certain that a clear mistake has been made and the overruling is done promptly. Where a line and/ or net umpire cannot make a decision, the Chair Umpire will make the relevant decision. Where the Chair Umpire cannot make a decision, the point will be replayed;
(d) be responsible for all ball mark inspections on clay courts;

The full LTA Competition Regulations can be found at:—january-2021.pdf